The Pangoo Story

Created for women, by women.

Pangoo is here to make clothes that support real women’s bodies in motion and center the stories of women who have traditionally existed in the margins.

Our Name

Pangoo (盘古) is the creator of the natural world in Chinese mythology. 

We chose the name Pangoo as a reminder that we are all connected to each other and to nature, and as an embodiment of our mission: to create a new world where inclusivity and access is the norm rather than the exception. 

Our Origin Story 

Hi, my name is Sara!

I started Pangoo because tapping into outdoor recreation transformed my life for the better, and I wanted every woman to be able to play & dream outside without being restricted by bland and ill-fitting clothes.

That’s the big picture retro. 

The real reason I started Pangoo was because of a conversation. 

Two years ago I was sitting at the climbing gym in my sweats listening to my friend complain about the 2nd pair of climbing pants she bought and returned this month, when another woman climber overheard and joined the conversation. 

Within minutes, half a dozen women had flocked in commiseration over the sorry state of women’s climbing pants today. 

I was shocked to discover almost everyone echoing our sentiments about the nonexistent pockets, impractical fit, and unflattering waitlines that seemed industry standard. The longer we talked, the angrier we grew as a collective. Why the heck were these stripped down versions of men’s pants being marketed towards women when they clearly weren’t designed with our bodies in mind? 

As the conversation wound down, my friend turned to me: “So what I’m hearing is, Sara should just make us all custom climbing pants.”

We laughed it off and resumed our session. 

But when I went home that night I couldn’t stop thinking about the conversation we had. 

This whole time I thought my body was unique in being too short, too bulky, too fussy to squeeze into standard women’s climbing pants, when most women were experiencing the exact same issues and felt the same way. 

So why are there so few options that actually fit average women’s bodies? 

Were we ALL being gaslit by the outdoor apparel industry this entire time? 

Can I actually do something to change the status quo?

The next day I drew up a sketch during lunch break in my office kitchen.

I showed my friend, and she told me verbatim: 

“I would sell my soul for these pants.” 

And that’s how Pangoo was born. 

We’ve never looked back since.